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LG 18650 HE2

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The tried and true LG 18650 HE2 battery! 

This flat-top battery has a 2500mAh capacity and a great track-record.  Not only is it manufactured with durability in mind, but it will stand the test of time when compared to other batteries.

Use caution as misusing or mishandling the battery may cause a FIRE or EXPLOSION which may result in personal injury or property damage. The user must have an appropriate understanding of the potential dangers of LITHIUM ION BATTERIES before purchase and usage. No express or implied guarantee of compatibility, suitability, or fitness for any particular purpose or device can be made. This battery is manufactured and sold for the intended use of system integrations with proper protection circuitry or battery packs with a BMS (battery management system) or PCB (circuit board/module). We hold no responsibility for the misusage of this battery.

Please always properly recycle and/or dispose of batteries; always ensure proper research is conducted before usage.


• LG 18650 HE2 Battery (flat-top)
     - Dimensions:         18.17mm x 65.04mm
     - Weight:                48g
     - Nominal Voltage:   3.6V
     - Full Charge:          4.2V
     - Nominal Capacity: 2500mAh
     - Max Continuous Discharge Rate: 20 Amps  
     - Amp Pulse:          35 Amps


You’ll Receive

• 1 LG 18650 HE2 Battery (in package)

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