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Smok TFV12 Prince Coils

  • $14.99


Smok TFV12 Prince Coils come in a package of three.  We offer four types; see which is best for you!

• Q4 Coil:  built for moderate vapor production and great flavor. 
     - [40W – 100W, best at 60W – 80W.]
     - “Brings you deep and rich vapor.”

• M4 Coil: built for mechanical mods, low wattage and Smok sticks – less emphasis on vapor production.
     - [30W – 70W, best at 40W – 60W.]
     - “Brings you silky and rich cloud taste.”

• X6 Coil: built for heavy vapor production and a flavorful hit.
     - [50W – 120W, best at 80W – 100W.]
     - “Brings you silky taste and massive vapor.”

• T10 Coil: built for heavier vapor production and a smooth taste. 
     - [
60W – 120W, best at 80W – 110W.]
     - “Brings you massive vapor and rich flavors.”

(Please keep in mind wattage ratings are the manufacturer’s recommendations.)



• Smok V12-Q4 (0.4Ω Quadruple) Coil
     - Power: 40W – 100W

• Smok V12-M4 (0.17Ω Quadruple) Coil
     - Power: 30W – 70W

• Smok V12-X6 (0.15Ω Sextuple) Coil
     - Power: 50W – 120W

• Smok V12-T10 (0.12Ω Decuple) Coil
     - Power: 60W – 120W


You’ll Receive

• 1 Pack of 3 Smok V12 Prince Coils




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